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Normal Car

Base Rate: $4.20
Per Mile/km: $1.5

Premium Car Service

Base Rate: $5.20
Per Mile/ Km: $1.97

Luxury Car

Base Rate: $6.20
Per Mile/ Km: $1.70

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Metro Cabs have been a thrilling and phenomenal experience for their customers and clients and that is why Metro Cabs have initiated its reach in Melbourne too. For the travelers and also for the other customers and people, traveling is not as easy as, it needs so many numbers of bookings, delays, and so much more. But, this is not the deal, in fact, the cabs services focus on relieving its clients and customers by providing them with the effective and efficient services every now and then.

The most enormous facility provided by the Metro Cabs is the parcel delivery service which is not much available in any other organizations. It has been doing it for the easy access to delivery services to its customers. When people travel, they are also worried about the services regarding delivering their luggage or any other kind of stuff, that is when Metro Cabs thought of easing this part of a customer’s problem too. After all, customers are the major assets of this company every now and then.

The organization strongly believes in making its clients safe and secure from every end no matter what. The deals made by the clients are taken into consideration quite seriously and in proper observation, as the only goal of Metro Cabs is to satisfy its customer at every end and how. There has never been a hassle for the customers while making deals or booking cabs with Metro Cabs. It has an essentially positive approach towards everything. It does not lay back in any field as this taxi company is involved in various services other than dealing and booking cabs. The Metro Cabs organization is in touch with many other activities and responsibilities like the transporting the parcels door to door of every customer, cheap parcel delivery whenever required by the customer, tracking the taxis and cabs and so much more.

Metro Cabs might be the only cab company that deals in parcel delivery in Melbourne, and that too at a very affordable and cheap price. As it has been improving its efficiency and effectiveness with every coming year for its more wider growth and stay in the society, it is also trying to enlarge itself worldwide. The professionalism and honesty that is owned by the Dandenong Cabs company portal are undeniably wide. Swinging in sync with their customers and clients time and the schedule is what, the rule of Metro Cabs is.

The parcel delivery option by the cabs company is the most sorted out one according to the other more taxi services at Melbourne. The staff that looks into delivering its customers parcels is properly trained at every means and is selected on the basis of major technicalities.

All the services are reliably cheaper as per the needs of a common layman. Well, the services supplied by the company are undoubtedly the finest and economical, yet definitely, the cheapest Melbourne taxi service is the best service by the taxi cab organization.

If you want to look out, then book your next delivery with Metro Cabs now!

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