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Normal Car

Base Rate: $4.20
Per Mile/km: $1.5

Silver Service Car

Base Rate: $5.20
Per Mile/ Km: $1.97

Luxury Car

Base Rate: $6.20
Per Mile/ Km: $1.70

Enjoy The Services Of Clyde Cabs Now!

The Clyde taxi service strongly believes in supplying the customers with coolest and undeniably the finest involvements in the city. Metro Cabs also show its way in providing the clients with the neat and tidy taxis which is a major roll over for the organization too. There is the availability of normal taxis, the silver service car, the luxury car, depending upon the customers’ choices and requirements.

All these kind of services by the cabs service brings back the customers just within the similar surface at Clyde taxi service only. The cabs company is the civilized for the existing clients and the new customers every now and then. All the staff and the faculty at Clyde cabs are exponentially checked and rechecked. Ranging from their background details to other essentially crucial detailed information is took on sight by this cab company.

The Clyde taxis are meant especially for the clients who are looking for punctual drivers and efficient services for themselves. With us, you will not face any hassle while booking taxis or cabs and this will also save your time as our services are quick and efficient. The taxi services are designed especially for the ones who want something extraordinary and special for themselves. You can easily get out of all the hassle with the help Clyde cab services at affordable rates. This will help you save more and you will also feel like referring our services to your friends, siblings and relatives. Join us now for all the fun.

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